Western Balkans Organized Crime Radar (WB-OCR) came into existence as a civil society initiative in response to the ever increasing harm caused by the organized crime (OC) to the citizens of the Western Balkans Six (WB6, including Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia and Serbia). WB-OCR intends to bridge the gaps between the societal needs to tackle OC, commitments made by the governments of the WB6, and the lackluster performance of their policies on the ground.

The main idea behind the initiative is to streamline the work of civil society and activists into more coherent efforts at the national and regional level, in order to contribute to:

  • Boosting societal resilience to organized crime in the WB6
  • Investigating serious and organized crime trends, OC groups, illicit markets and estimating harm caused by the OC to the citizens
  • Pooling efforts in order to effectively advocate crime prevention, crime control strategies and raise awareness
  • Contribute to evaluating existing and developing new effective and sustainable policies to tackle OC

WB-OCR initiative intends to generate bottom-up demand for greater performance of the WB6 governments in fighting OC through gathering scattered anti-OC civil society initiatives and streamlining them into more coherent advocacy efforts backed with rigorous evidence.